January 26, 2009

Super Monday


What is the attraction of the Super Bowl? Underdog stories? Gratuitous nudity? Great halftime shows? No, these are nice but those are too detailed. When you step back from this game and the rest of all NFL games, it's the mother of all Sunday Fundays. You wake up early, start drinking early, flip back and forth between the pregame analysis on any of the channels and the NFL Films all day marathon of every previous Super Bowl. You get to eat all of the snack foods that you enjoy so much; lil' smokies, sausage and peppers, the whole gamut of dips and chips, and many more meat and cheese covered products.

I'm going against my better Cubs judgment as rooting for the Chicago St. Louis Arizona Cardinals. How can you not root for the underdog? Feel good story set aside, I do have some logical (at least guy logic) reasons for rooting for them. First and foremost, Larry Fitzgerald was very good to me in Fantasy Football this year; showing some love is the least I can do. Secondly, as a Detroit Lions fan, if the Buzzsaw that is the Arizona Cardinals can get to the Superbowl, then we have to have a chance of winning 5, maybe 6 games next year.

Go Football!

January 11, 2009

Happy New Year!

2008, you sucked. (Well, not entirely. As a devoted Illini fan there is no conceivable way that I could say any year involving a trip to the Rose Bowl is anything short of awesome. ) But one thing I've never understood is the concept of a New Years resolution. I mean, if you know of something that you'd like to change about yourself to make yourself a better and happier person, why wait until once a year to make amends? With that said, I've got a few things that I am resolving to take care of in the new year:

1) Getting better at poker. I am really going to try to practice this year so I'm no longer the laughingstock of the Foster Tuesday Night Poker Club. This is going to happen. You just wait.

2) Read more. I'm almost done with one book (Freakonomics, which I embarrassingly admit I have not read yet.) There are many books that I've had on the proverbial "To Read" list, and this year I vow to get to them. I will even chronicle them here with reviews and such. Interactive!

3) GYM! This is every one's goal, but the whole marathon thing was rather intoxicating. So this year we've got the Shamrock Shuffle, the Sprint Triathlon, and the Half Marathon on the docket. Call me Forrest, but I like running.

4) PHISH CONCERTS. I'm going to them. Sounds strange, but if you've been to one, you'd understand.

5) Be a little more consistent with the whole blogging thing. I'm just too lazy to do a lazy man's job, but this is going to change. I'm taking my laziness to the next level and entering the draft.

So there you go. Hypocrisy and and useless information about me all in one post.

PS - Tedd Sucks.