July 19, 2008


So after many months of screwing around and debating whether or not I was going to start a blog, I went ahead and did so. After countless ideas going through my head on what I should post here in the, the only item that comes to mind is "Damn, this is more work than I wanted to take on." Not exactly the rock solid start we were looking for; but we're up and running anyway.

But alas, my dear friends, I can assure you we're going to have many great times together. You'll laugh at my hilairity and IN YOUR FACE EXTREME style of blogging. You'll become endeared to my very rational and totally justified hatred of all things associated with the state of Indiana. I will learn to possibly even care about what others think, even though I hate you all and you're nowhere near as awesome as I am. We're going to have some fun together, you and I. So sit back, buckle up, take note of the emergency exits, grab a couple of cold ones, and let's get going.