February 23, 2009

iLove iMac

For my good friend Lindsay, who was the first person who said that Macs were superior to a PC in every way....

you are right. I don't even know what I'm doing and I like it. 

February 09, 2009

Bacon Explosion

So we made it. How was it? Well, honestly, it was....different. I'll never come out and say something has too much bacon, but let's just say this was a LOT of meat. I think grilling it instead of having a slow cooker kind of hurt the end result. Or maybe it was the fact we were too lazy to break up all of the ground Italian Sausage. Either way, we did it, and we all managed to live to tell the tale.

All meatiness aside, BBQ bacon is fantastic. I think I will be smothering it in the delicious spicy condiment much more often in the future.

I <3>

February 01, 2009

3rd Annual Super Sunday Funday Extravaganza Tent A Thon Event

The big day is finally here. Anyone that has even sat in the same room as a computer has heard about the gluttonous heart busting Bacon Explosion. Well, in the fine tradition of Turkeypalooza, Bacon Ballz, and not wanting to live beyond 30 years of age, we have decided to prepare this fine delicacy this afternoon. (There will be a full update and report from post op after my quadruple bypass tomorrow) But in the meantime, hey, let's watch football!

Steelers 34 Cardinals 30.