December 19, 2010

Holidaze Happiness

This week is my favorite week of the year. Just look at this schedule:

Monday, December 20th – Orlando Siblings Birthday Bowling Bash

Wednesday December 22nd – Braggin Rights game Illinois vs Missouri

Friday December 24th – Christmas Eve

Saturday December 25th – Jesus returns to Earth to buy an iPad and get in line for the post holiday sales

What I love most about this week is that the closer you get to the holidays everyone seems to be in a good mood. (For myself this was particularly true this year since I got all of my shopping done much earlier in the year than in prior years. I’ve been done for almost 2 weeks now, and after driving past the stores the afternoon I couldn’t be more relieved that this is the case. ) Last night my neighbors had a holiday party and it was just a fabulous time. Delicious baked goods, adult beverages, and holiday cheer were all in abundance for everyone to enjoy. While I only knew a handful of people there, it was still very easy to chat up a conversation with total strangers. There is something about this time of year that just seems to get people into a good mood. Honest – I do believe that it was all holiday spirit and had nothing to do with the delicious libations that everyone was consuming in excessive quantities. Altruistic or not, it makes a better story.

So as you’re bouncing around the stores last minute looking for that perfect gift before settling on a gift card, remember that you should be all smiles while you’re doing it.

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