March 19, 2011

Alert Level Orange: False Hope?

UNLV – 62


I’m bursting with absolute giddy about this win. We dominated an opponent the way this team was built to dominate an opponent – tough interior defense, transition buckets, and clutch shooting. That style of play has eluded us for a better portion of the year, but it finally returned at a very opportune time tonight. Individually, McCamey played like a man possessed with 17 points to accompany his 7 assists. DJ Richardson also broke out of a cold funk with a very productive offensive-15 minutes (10 points, 2-2 on treys) while being able to resume his roll as a lockdown defender.

But with a top-seeded Kansas team coached by you-know-who waiting in the 3rd round, I can’t let this optimism carry me too far. If anything, this team is far from consistent as evidenced by their inability to win consecutive games since early January. Awww, screw it. We won as a lower seed in the tournament for only the 2nd time in history, and boy was it ever a convincing win. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to kick back and enjoy the hell out of it. Call me mad; let the good times roll.

I L L - I N I

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